2014. Dimensions Variable.

Cement cast household packaging.

This project is a further exploration of issues involved in the earlier ‘Downfall’, linking the uses of historical consumerist traces from the ancient Monte Testaccio landfill to current household packaging waste and connecting both to contemporary landscapes.  The project provides an environment where waste products can be seen within a formal, aesthetic presentation that compares the meaning of cultural heritages to current functions within a community. The work at the Ex Elettrofonica gallery is a direct continuation of this endeavor.  Both projects draw parallels between historical/political consumerism and material consumption, drawing  relationships between cityscapes and landscapes. In this case I am intervening in the architectural space of the gallery by using the casts of the same household packaging forms. Rather than arranging packaging as a form of ‘ruin’ I am  reconstructing imagined architectural totemic elements, evoking drum columns from antiquity.  The two works are exploring similar issues, but ‘Disturbances’ reassembles manufactured spolia into practical forms that are used as architectural supports.



Tsvetkov_2 copy.jpg



 Leonid Tsvetkov