2014. 21 x 29.7 cm

Handouts from historic sites of Rome.  Found metal objects. 

For this series I employed the process of electrolysis (a method of using a direct current to drive chemical reactions resulting in molecular separation) to dissolve found metal objects onto images of buildings, people and places invested with historical significance and therefore also with power. Electrolysis has encrusted standard A4 sheets with vivid metals, leaving a visible record of the process itself even as text and image emerges through erosion. Reminiscent of a satellite photograph, the movement of the metal particles creates an image that represents the many, diverse landscapes produced by similar, albeit much more complex, transformative processes. Eventually, the metals will eat away at the printed matter, destroying it completely.

01-31-2013 IMG_7948



01-31-2013 IMG_7930aa

01-31-2013 IMG_7932

As exhibited at the Kunsthandel Dr. Schmitz-Avila in Bamberg, DE.


 Leonid Tsvetkov