Space Between


700 x 500 x 500 cm

Parquet floor, Gypsum boards, Pigment, Plaster, Stretcher


Having spent the first fourteen years of my life in Soviet Union and the other fourteen in the United States, I was in a middle ground between the two worlds in Amsterdam. The Netherlands had influenced both of my previous homes, and this insight became a kind of center between the two different sides of my life.

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I came to see Amsterdam as a site of contrast: the city created a specific balance between freedom and constraint as well as the human-made and the natural that would repel and attract me in the same time. ‘Space Between’ represented this space that was impossible to define, an environment that was between a palace and a cave but also a kind of chapel. These spaces historically are where art existed and was created for and from.

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Completely full but empty in the same time, something kitsch but in the same time beautiful; this is a space where hard-edged geometry produced a chaotic form, an empty space that was made for something to happen and at the same time called for contemplation, a space of the in-between.

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The walls were made with a type of fresco technique. The floor was a handmade parquet with a mosaic of 14,000 cross-grain cuts laid out in a pattern of a six pointed star. The timelines of the trees were visible, interweaving with with the geometry of the floor; in the same way the timelines of those walking on top would also cross.


 Leonid Tsvetkov