8m x 15m

16th Century Cellar on Plompetorengracht 4, Utrecht. Digitall print on ceramic tiles. 

This work is a fragmented mosaic that was permanently embedded into the cellar floor of a sixteenth century building in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The mosaic is made out ceramic tiles with all of the photographic images that I have ever taken. The work is made as a study of the relationship between myself and an unknown space as an understanding of time and history outside of, but in relationship to, my life. The subject rotates around the theme of a fragment or rather the space between the fragment and the whole. Essentially everything can be seen as a fragment or a residue of a previous process. Even the notion of a ‘whole’ universe is questionable. In this sense what makes an object whole? What makes us individual organisms? Or what makes a complete work of art?

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 Leonid Tsvetkov